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Photo Shoots

Personal Portraits

Portraits created for personal use, as gifts, or for social media sites are planned with a discussion of outfits and settings that will convey you and your personality. Charged at a rate based on how many looks are created, the images are edited and an on-line web gallery is prepared. Each selected image is charged at a flat rate which includes all necessary “finish” work and includes an 8x10 custom printed enlargement. The image is released as a digital file for your personal use.

Business Portraits

Preferably an on-location photo shoot, creating a portrait that portrays you in your business environment and tells an instant story about what you do and who you are. Charged at a flat rate, this service includes one “finished” image and is released in a digital file, for website and advertising purposes.

Staff Portraits within an office Setting

An on-location photo shoot that involves a planning visit to evaluate the spaces to be photographed and determine the best colors for people to wear. Each shot is expertly set-up with any necessary lighting equipment and the images are shot directly into a laptop for on-site evaluation. Images are selected and any necessary editing is done to enhance the image. Client chosen images are then “finished” and released in digital files, for website and advertising purposes.

Product Shots

Typically an in-studio photo shoot, against a white background, of products for website use. It involves a careful setup of lighting to enhance the product while working with any potential glare. Images are carefully selected and any necessary editing is done to enhance and "finish" the image. Images are released as digital files, formatted for your website and advertising purposes.

Boudoir Photography

This style of photography is distinguished from other genres like "glamour" photography, "fine-art" nude photography and "erotic" photography because nudilty is more often implied than explicit.  These photoshoots are typically shot on-location in a bedroom setting (although nature settings work well too!),utilizing as much natural light as possible for a soft look.  Shooting at a window, in a doorway, seated in a chair, while dressed in pretty lingerie, or in a bed with draping sheets and soft natural light playing on the skin and curves of a womans body help define the "Bourdoir" style.

Bourdoir sessions begins with location scouting and decisions on clothing.  The photography fee is based upon how many kinds of pictures are wanted and the amount of time needed in editing.  The selected portraits are expertly finished in photo shop and can be printed in book form or as custom enlargements.

Composites for Models and Fashion Shoots

A multiple location photo shoot, that begins with consultations regarding clothing choices to create different “looks” and location scouting. Hair and make-up artists can be referred. Images are selected and any necessary editing is done to enhance the image. Given the images are more fashion oriented, typically double the time is spent in this very creative editing process. Client chosen images are then “finished” and prepared for design and printing of a composite. They are also released in digital files for website and advertising purposes as well as Facebook.

Family Portraits and Children's Photography

Shot on-location, a series of images are captured that tell a story of the different relationships between the family members. Portraits are done of the children individually and together and the parents with each of their children and themselves. An extensive edit is done turning some to b&w and playing with the colors in others, to show all the possibilities in the on-line web gallery. Each selected image is charged at a flat rate which includes all necessary “finish” work, an 8x10 custom printed enlargement and the image released in digital file to post on Facebook.