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Fashion Photo Shoot with Kathryn Parks
These images were shot on location at Sarasota Architectural Salvage and at Sarasota Museum of Art  where the famous sculptor Patrick Dougherty built a magical installation called "Stickworks". I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the actress Kathryn Parks and make-up artist Eri Vincent to create these images.  She wrote a gr...
Bohemian Girl Couture Fashion Photo Shoot
This photo shoot Fashion Photography was shot on location at Classic Cars Sarasota. for Russet Coviello of Bohemian Girl Couture, featuring her patented dress know as the "B"  made with a special fabric and can be very cleverly worn multiple ways with its matching bandeau; and her pants and matching reversible bandeau.... http://www.bohem...
Sigrid Olson Portrait feature in Cake&Whiskey Magazine
These images of Sigrid Olson and her store were shot for the March 2013 inaugural issue of Cake&Whiskey Magazine, "The Sweet and Spirited world of Business".  www.cake&  Sigrid's career has evolved from clothing design back to focusing on her artwork and and hosting yoga retreats in Southern France and Tulum, Mexico. &...
Portrait of Author Cheryl Grace, feng shui consultant
These images of Cheryl Grace were shot on location at Selby Gardens, Sarasota, for her new book's author photo and for updates made to her web site.   Cheryl Grace is a Hay House Author, Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Refiner and Reiki Master.
Chef Craig
These images were shot for website and promotional purposes, depicting the teaching component of Chef Craig's work as well as the in-home cooking services he provides to families.
Belle's modeling portfolio...
This series of Fashion Photography was shot in several locations around Sarasota for Belle's modelling portfolio and composite to submit to modeling agencies. T
Examples of Good vs. Bad posture from Designer Fitness...
These photographs were shot for to illustrate how a lot of people stand (and sit) improperly! Darla, owner of Designer Fitness and deveolper of the ME system (Motion Empowered) says "It’s important to find the correct healthy posture for you and focus on keeping proper alignment, whether you’re sitting, standing or walk...
World Class Dentistry
These interior and exterior photographs, as well as staff portraits were shot for World Class Dentistry Dr.'s  Jill Morris and Burr Bakke, to be used to update their website.