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Corporate Style Photo shoot of expert Day Trader, Toni Turner​ | Sarasota FL
These corporate style photographs were done on location in Sarasota so updates can be made to Toni's website,  An amazing woman to work with - smart, funny and humble, President of TrendsStar Group, Inc. and writer Toni Turner, has an international following in the world of finance. Her books have been translated into Chine...
Choosing a Fashion Photographer to Showcase Your Designs [Fashion Photography]
When someone says the word, "Twiggy," it immediately conjures up a black-and-white image of a doe-eyed Brit with mega lashes and a sleek pixie cut. Some of the most iconic images in the history of photography came from fashion shoots. Fashion photography has existed almost as long as the medium itself, and it goes hand in hand with showca...
The Timeless Tradition of Portrait Photography
"I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am not with you." - Frida Kahlo In an age of easy access to cameras on all of our devices, the long revered tradition of taking the time to document our lives with professional portraits can get swept aside. It is unfortunate as there is such beauty and tradit...
Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer [wedding photography]
One of the first things to do as you are planning your wedding is to book your photographer - the sooner the better as there are only so many Saturdays in the year! Its especially important to make sure when you are booking your favorite one that they don't take multiple bookings and send someone else out to do the work. The photographers personali...
Enhance your company image with professional portraits | Sarasota FL
For many, the idea of having a corporate portrait taken seems like an extra expense that doesn't necessarily yield returns. Or does it? In actuality, having professional portraits taken can have some surprisingly positive effects on your company and how the public views you and your team. For example: Many people are better at recognizes faces than...
Boudoir Photography
Boudoir photography is special because it gives an expert photographer the opportunity to create very personal, feminine, soft images that also are sexy and playful. With the focus on a woman's face, skin, hair, highlighting the best features of her body, the essence of her femininity is captured while still being tasteful. This style of ...
Womens Resource Center Portraits | Sarasota, FL
This collection of portraits was taken featuring 9 women the Womens Resource Center of Sarasota County had selected to be recognized for their successes, through the various programs the center has to offer.   The portraits were enlarged and featured at the 2014 Renaissance Luncheon at the Ritz Carlton.  [widgetkit id=50]
Beyond the Lens : Professional Photography
Professional photography is accomplished by individuals who have the unique ability to go beyond the camera lens and into the heart of personal essence or being. This essence - rather than the static appearance of a person, becomes both the source and the goal of image expression. Professional photographers intuitively discern how to tap into this ...