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Worlds Within Worlds Art Photography Showing

Art Photography Exhibit


I'm excited to be exhibiting my window reflections art photography at the design studio of Susan Hritz, 1833 Morrill Street.  The exhibit, titled Worlds Within Worlds, explores and celebrates the ideas of inspiration and window display design.  Images of display windows from my travels to Paris, Florence, Verona, Rome, Vienna, New York, San Francisco and Toronto are included among this interpretive work.  The exhibit is for one night only, February 20, 2015, as part of the Towles Court “Friday night walk.”


My love of window displays, great design and architecture combine to form the basis of a body of work I have been creating over the last several years. The images are not layered but rather reflections from the architectural elements of the street back into the window displays of the some of the most talented and inspiring designers in the world.  From this I've been able to create magical, surreal and abstract imagery.


AKH 2137-Edit


AKH 2299


"As a photographer, unexpected surprises often occur during the editing process of images. When the beauty of something serendipitously captured is revealed, I discover I have created a world within a world. Objects and shapes are transformed, the original forms of figures are transcended, and everything is reinterpreted by the viewer, sparking new thought, memories of an experience, or further reflections."


AKH 1966-Edit


AKH 1970-Edit

I trace my influence and inspiration to my days as a child walking with my mother who, as an artist herself, continually pointed out the things that interested her, amused her and inspired ideas and conversation.  It was as a child, I learned to see the world through an artist’s eyes.


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to follow me, as I prepares for this exhibit.


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