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The Psychology of the Colors You Choose to Wear...

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A business portrait of yourself delivers a lot of information quickly because the eye percieves all the aspects of the image all at once, whereas reading about the person often takes longer to process the same information.  The style of clothing is one way to deliver a message about who you are but the colors you choose is something people react to first.  The psychology of the color orange is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvinating one's spirit. Orange radiates warmth and happiness... a great feeling for people to perceive as they listen to Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Mental Health Counselor Jamie Molnar who focuses on women "who are rocking their careers but falling behind in everything else".

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"Brands" and color are linked because color offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and message without words.  From a color psychology perspective, purple and violet stimulate the imagination.  It is associated with uniqueness, individuality and independence, which is a great color for Toni Turner investor, trader, educator and writer.  "Sucessful traders enjoy working from home, unlimited earning potential, and the sense of freedom it gives". 

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"Branding" is a word commonly referred to by advertisers and marketing people. "Brand" is defined as the name, sign, symbol or design that is used to identify a company's products or services. Your brand communicates the "idea" of your company or product.  Color is a part of that. And the use of that color repeatedly is part of what forms the connection to your client base.  The psychology of turquoise is one of open communication and associated with clear thinking and decision-making.  A great association for people to make as they listen to Barbara Glanz, Employee Motivation Expert and author.  

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The psychology of the color blue conveys the feelings of trust, honesty and reliability.  Wearing it radiates inner security and confidence.  This is a meaningful reaction for people to experience as they listen to Motivational speaker, cookbook author and healthy lifestyle expert Polly Pitchford 

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The psychology of the color white is of new beginnings, of wiping the slate clean.  It is the blank canvas to be written upon which opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive. This is the perfect message Robin Hendricks wants to convey as she speaks in the work force about problem solving and team building.


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