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It was exciting for me to be on one and photograph it!

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 For Susan Winchester Dabney's latest project, “Bespoke,” the yacht owners requested that the boat be open and airy, uncluttered and available to seat as many people as possible. They also desired the boat to have a simple elegance perfect for entertaining. It was also important, as with all yachts, that the clients didn’t have to worry about fabrics being stained or worn out. “Fabric durability and resilience is also paramount,” says Dabney.

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 "When selecting furnishings, scale is crucial as well as materials and function of the pieces,” says Dabney.  "Are there storage features? Can they be secured? Are the materials used in construction going to survive the humid conditions on the water? It’s important to know everything will be serviceable for the owners, guests and crew.”

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With any boat, nothing is square. The walls are curved from bow to stern and top to bottom, with bump outs to accommodate systems. Dabney custom ordered upholstery for the perfect fit, but modified the installation to accommodate a wall that had a bump out.  “The difference between great design for a home vs. great yacht design, is function,” says Dabney. "A home is stationary.  A yacht is always moving, whether at port or on the run.” With that in mind, Dabney considers how securely placed everything is on the yacht.

 SWD is a boutique design firm, located in Sarasota Florida creating luxury yacht and home interiors locally and globally.  This is the portrait I took of Susan aboard another yacht, for her spread in The Scout Guide Sarsaota

SWD Sarasota2015

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