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Local businesses that have been "Scouted"...

To have been "Scouted" means you've been invited to be in the local edition of The Scout Guide which is "an inspired network, that cross-promotes independent businesses and entrepreneurs, in print and online".

TSG Sarasota is the lateset volume and here are some of the spreads I photographed...

TileMarket Sarasota2015

Brigid Saah, co-owner of Tile Market Sarasota

 TigerLilyFlowers Sarasota2015

Jim Carlton and Arthur Faria, owners of Tiger Lily Flowers Sarasota

CampbellCabinetry Sarasota2015

Sheldon, Brandon and Darrin Campbell, owners of Campbell Cabinetry Designs, Inc.

SayItWithStitches Sarasota2015

Ann Davy, owner of Say It With Stitches embroidery boutique, Sarasota.

CMSA Sarasota2015

Cliff Scholz, owner of  CMSA Clifford M. Scholz Architects


More featured spreads next week... in the meantime pick up your copy of Scout Guide Sarasota !

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