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Examples of Good vs. Bad posture from Designer Fitness...

These photographs were shot for to illustrate how a lot of people stand (and sit) improperly!

Darla, owner of Designer Fitness and deveolper of the ME system (Motion Empowered) says "It’s important to find the correct healthy posture for you and focus on keeping proper alignment, whether you’re sitting, standing or walking".

At Designer Fitness, good posture is the foundation for all the exercises Darla teaches to bring your body into balance and improve your fitness. "The objective is to create space and length in the spine. Thinking tall and following the elements of good posture outlined below can even out the muscles around the spine, allowing the spine to relax. This lets the central nervous system work properly, so that all your body systems and organs can function at their best".  Good posture will make you feel, look and perform better. Start noticing yours!

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