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Enhance your company image with professional portraits | Sarasota FL

Portraiture-013For many, the idea of having a corporate portrait taken seems like an extra expense that doesn't necessarily yield returns. Or does it?

In actuality, having professional portraits taken can have some surprisingly positive effects on your company and how the public views you and your team. For example:

Many people are better at recognizes faces than names. If a person receives a message or request from an imageless profile, they may ignore it, assuming they have no connection to that person. However, seeing the person’s face can help people remember connections, increasing the likelihood of a response.

It creates a great first impression. When a person opens a link or views a brochure, their eyes are immediately drawn to a photo. Your image makes an impression before they read a single word you have to say. Given the standards of professional photography today and the editing processes available, your profile image or advertisement could lose all credibility simply because your photograph did not meet their expectations for how a professional should be portraying themselves.

You can improve your personal brand. People will begin to associate a picture with your business. Then, when they meet you in person, they feel as if they already know you, creating a sense of trust. Using the same image or similar ones from the same photo shoot, with the same colors and style, supports your brand concept and gives you and your company a cohesiveness that can help avoid confusion and increase consumers’ ability to recognize your business.

People spend more time looking at a picture than written words. The image draws the eye over and over again, and often, as people read, they will flick their eyes back to the portrait repeatedly. Be sure that your portrait is sending a positive, professional message that tells the story of who you are and what you do.

Corporate portraiture is not just for office types... Are you a chef? An author? A doctor? Hire a photographer that can take who you are and what you do to the next level by creating a portrait in your element. Get in the kitchen, grab a pen, or throw on a lab coat. This way, you get a great image that shows your audience who you really are.

Don’t wait. A single image can make a world of difference. Schedule an appointment today.




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