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Beyond the Lens : Professional Photography


Professional photography is accomplished by individuals who have the unique ability to go beyond the camera lens and into the heart of personal essence or being. This essence - rather than the static appearance of a person, becomes both the source and the goal of image expression. Professional photographers intuitively discern how to tap into this source. They know how to encourage a person to be themselves, to feel safe, to be free in the moment, expose that element of who they are, and have that essence beautifully captured.

Having mastered the foundations of complimentary colors and schemes, professional photographers intuit the ways in which gradients of colors move together in order to create a story through textures and imagery. They understand how colors can intricately, subtly, or dramatically play on light and dark, in all kinds of lighting conditions, knowing the details are in the shadows. Stylistically dynamic black-and-white, sepia photographs, or cross processing can communicate these unique and timeless feelings when you choose to work with an experienced photographer/artist..

With technological craft and an imaginative eye, a picture taken is often an image that has just begun - that is when the creative editing process begins. While professional photographers must have a keen eye to bring to life personality, movement, and expression with a client, they must also have the very best equipment and superior computer software skills to take the image to the next level. From small adjustments of tone and color to dramatic changes of what is shown in a picture, creative photography elements begin with the vision of the photographer.

Andrea Hillebrand's photographs exude all of these elements of professional photography and much, much more. Whether you are seeking an on-location photo shoot or in studio photo shoot for your family or business, she will collaborate with you and exceed your expectations. Your image—and the essence it embodies—will be safe and secure in the skilled hands of this professional photography artist. For more information, contact Andrea today.

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